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I have chosen the symbol of the lotus flower for my website because I was drawn to the parable of the lotus. The lotus flower grows in muddy water; yet the mud falls off its petals and leaves, keeping it clean and pure. As humans, we need to strive to be like the lotus blossom; pure of heart so that the mud of earthly matters do not cling to us.

I am an International medium, clairvoyant, psychic, metaphysical teacher and life coach with a Degree in Metaphysics(MsD). As a “third generation” natural born medium, I have devoted my life to helping people worldwide find answers to the myriad of questions this journey on Earth presents; with the assistance of my guides, angels and Masters.

One of my specialties is providing you with specific & detailed information, such as descriptions of people, dates, timing of events.

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Rachel S. Kohler


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